Have you seen Takeda Castle Ruins

Published on Tuesday February 16th, 2016 by Dai

Takeda Castle is a Japanese castle located in Takeda, Wadayama Town, Asago-shi, Hyogo Prefecture.
Takeda Castle Ruins are also called “Toru Sujo” because the Ishigaki remains is rarely complete in the whole country and it seems that the tiger is lying down.
Morning mist may occur in the fine sunny early morning from autumn to winter and it is a scene of the Tajima region. The figure wrapped in this sea of clouds and the landscape overlooking from Takeda Castle reminded me of a castle floating in the sky, and became unexpectedly called “castle in the sky” · “Machu Picchu in Japan”. Many people visit to see this fantastic scenery.
In addition, in April 2012 Takeda castle site was certified as “sacred place of lover”. Many young couples are also visiting to let them go to the sacred place of a lover.

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